Injury Claims Against Sam’s Club

Injury Claims Against Sam’s Club

Premises liability” is when you hold the landowner of a piece of property liability for torts which occur on their property. Therefore, if you suffer an injury on the property of another party then you may be able to bring a claim for the damages that you have suffered as a result of such injury. There are a number of different situations which can cause injury such as objects falling, insufficient security, holes that have been hidden, or other defects in items that have been placed on the real property.

Can I File Suit Against Sam’s Club?

Yes, you may file suit against Sam’s Club in Texas if you are capable of establishing certain elements in support of your cause of action. You will need to show that Sam’s Club or its employees were negligent in failing to remedy a hazardous situation in an appropriate amount of time. In addition, you must not have been acting recklessly prior to being exposed to the condition that resulted in your injury. Moreover, your injury must have resulted in financial, physical or emotional damages.

What is the Underlying Rationale That Permits me to File Suit Against Sam’s Club?

The basic reasoning behind permitting these types of lawsuits is due to the fact that when we as consumers are shopping, we expect to be in an environment that is safe. Therefore, the employees should be expected to maintain the store in a manner that does not subject you to any unnecessary dangers. Therefore, the store should be well-lit without any hidden dangers such of flimsy shelving, wet floors or clutter in the aisles.

What Types of Accidents Could Occur at Sam’s Club?

There are a number of different accidents that can occur at warehouse-like retail stores such as Sam’s Club due to hazardous conditions on the property. One of the most common accidents that occurs are “slip and fall” accidents which allow you to file a personal injury claim and recover for your losses.

For illustrative purposes, a few of the scenarios that could give rise to a slip and fall accident at Sam’s Club is a failure to post caution signs when there is a wet floor or a sheer failure to clean up spills that are on the property.

Personal injury lawsuits can be difficult to litigate, especially when you are attempting to recover from a major corporation such as Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmart, or Sam’s Club. The difficulty lies in the fact that these large corporations will have skilled attorneys on their side to ensure that they are able to defend themselves against your injury claim. However, if you have knowledgeable attorneys on your side, then you will likely be able to defeat any defense that these parties concoct to bar your recovery. That is what we can offer you at Grossman Law Offices. We have been handling claims in Houston just like this for decades and are fully capable to handle yours with skill and expertise. To discuss the specifics of your case contact us at 1-855-392-0000.

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